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Real Feel Lifelike Toys: 4 Perfect Facts [Amazing]

Pipedream Real Feel Lifelike Toys Bridge Gap Between Affordability and Realistic Sex

By: Dear Lady Blogger   Last Updated: 05/18/2017

Sometimes you just want something that feels like the real thing. And you don’t want to break the bank either, searching for a dildo or dong that will please your passionate heart.

Enter: Real Feel Lifelike Toys by Pipedream, a budget-friendly collection of realistic dongs that celebrates your unique needs in masturbation, foreplay, and sex.

Pipedream offers a collection of realistic, real-feel dildos in a variety of fleshy colors with plenty of features for you to choose from.

The size of these dongs vary from “your average Joe” to “extreme” (substantial thickness and ample length) for pussy and anal pleasure.

We understand how difficult it can be to decide on just one, especially if you are purchasing a dildo for the first time, so we offer you the most current information to date about these products and believe that the right tools will help you make an informed, satisfying decision.

What Pipedream`s Real Feel Lifelike Toys have in common is the tender, pliable material they are made from.

According to, Fanta Flesh is a lifelike material that mimics human skin (in both look and feel), warming to the touch during use to provide you with an incredible, realistic experience.

Just like natural, skin-to-skin contact, the material has some weight and drag, which stimulates sensitive hot spots like no other sex toy can, though others have and do try.


Real Feel Lifelike Toys range from a modest 6 inches in length to the more extreme 12-inch cocks. The length you choose will depend on your current preferences in size.

An 8- or 9-inch dong might fall in the mid-range of measurement for this line of realistic cocks but could be bigger than you’ve experienced, which is sometimes good, sometimes bad. You will want to take out a ruler for a visual guide and to use as a reference point.

A 6-inch dong is usually a good place to start for beginners. If you crave that filled-up-and-full sensation, a 1.5-inch diameter is a good place to start.


Pipedream Real Feel Lifelike Toys offer a variety of features to satisfy your needs, be they kinky, mild or anything in between.

Many of these lifelike dongs offer veins, ridges, nubs, and plump, squishy tips for your pleasure ride. Some offer a ballsy base that slaps against your hot spots as you thrust, and still others vibrate, gyrate, and swirl for your ultimate pleasure.

If creative straddling is your thing, many Real Feel Lifelike Toys offer a strong suction-cup base.

Some of these satisfying cocks are “bent” or curved to massage your G- or P-spot, while adding to the realistic feel of your experience.


Real Feel Lifelike Toys come in creamy, fleshy colors for you to choose from. “Natural” flesh or “Ivory” is peachy in nature, lightly tinted with pink.

Brown” flesh or “Caramel” is a rich, smooth color, not unlike a melted pool of milk chocolate.

“Black” flesh or “Ebony” encompasses everything from a dark, velvety hue with lighter, creamy accents to matte-black through and through.


Because of the flexible, realistic nature of these products and the composition of their material, you must take extra precaution when caring for and maintaining your Real Feel Lifelike Toys.

Fanta Flesh is a porous material and, according to, of the TPR family. TPR products are nontoxic and phthalate-free, though should be washed before and after use with antibacterial soap or an antibacterial toy cleaner.

Only use water-based lubes with Real Feel Lifelike Toys, as silicone, oil or hybrid lubricants will break down your Fanta Flesh material.

Allow these dongs to air-dry completely prior to storage to help prevent bacterial growth, and store them in a cool, dry place away from direct light and other Fanta Flesh/ TPR-made sex toys.

There is so much to consider when shopping for a realistic, lifelike dong for your sexual pleasure, and even more types, lines, and manufacturers to choose from.

Pipedream offers a way to narrow down your options for realistic sensations in sex that won’t break the bank.

Budget-friendly Real Feel Lifelike Toys can and do provide lots of sex toy-customers with the exact sensation they crave, leading to a fuller, more satisfied life, whether partnered or not.

Just remember that sex, and the many ways it`s done, is fun, so don’t forget to enjoy the ride!

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