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The Ambitious And Reliable American Whopper

5 [FUN!] Facts About Best-Selling RealSkin All American Whoppers

RealSkin All American Whoppers

RealSkin All American Whoppers are among the most widely distributed and frequently sold dildo sex toys on the market, popular among retailers and consumers alike for their realistic, classic design and appealing price point.

They are inexpensive, which means retailers stock them with abandon, as they offer consumers the ability add to their existing adult toy collection without breaking the bank.

All American Whoppers couple excellent price points with a demand for lifelike experiences in solo sex and literally fly off of retailers` shelves because of that.

RealSkin All American Whoppers feature plump tips and veiny shafts in fleshy colors, designed with one purpose in mind: to be stuffed into a favorite pleasure hole.

These dongs aim to please, and for many, that is exactly what they do.

Like candy bars in checkout lines, RealSkin All American Whoppers are a staple on the shelf and in the bedroom, a successful and satisfying example of supply and demand.

With a variety of features and sizes, DearLady is here to help you decide which All American Whopper is right for you.


The most popular dong among the All American Whoppers line is the 6.5” RealSkin All American Whopper, which retails at $15.99.

The 6.5-inch RealSkin cock is a non-intimidating option in size, perfect for beginners who want to introduce sex toys into their bedroom play.

It offers a 1.5” diameter (5” girth) which many beginners find to be more than satisfying.

Other options include longer or shorter lengths, thicker or narrower girths; Holistic Wisdom advices inserting your fingers, then measuring, to figure out what feels most satisfying to you.


RealSkin All American Whoppers all feature a realistic, straight-forward design: plump tips and veiny shafts that penetrate and stimulate as you suck and ride.

These dongs are sculpted to look and feel ultra-realistic and to mimic skin-to-skin contact.

Some feature vibrating options and others are double ended for couples’ play.

Many come equipped with suction-cupped bases and/ or a harness.

If you are looking for a curved dong for P-spot or G-spot massage, these dongs have you covered.

You can view the entire collection of All American Whoppers from the dirty minds at Nasstoys at their website.


All American Whoppers are crafted from RealSkin, which is a PVC blend.

These cocks feel squishy, smooth and dense, like a hard, wet cock.

RealSkin is a flexible, resilient material that your body naturally clings to.

It is a porous material, however, and should be protected by covering the dong completely with a polyurethane condom.

This helps to keep bacteria at bay as these toys can only be cleaned at the surface level, even when antibacterial toy cleaners are used.


Most RealSkin All American Whoppers can be used not only for vaginal sex but also for anal sex thanks to the wide, suction-cupped bases.

The suction-cupped base prevents the dong from being sucked up to infinity and beyond when used in the backdoor (vacuum effect).

The base also allows you to stick the All American Whopper to many smooth, flat surfaces, which makes the dongs ideal for creative straddling in and out of the bedroom, clinging securely to a variety of surfaces even during energetic play.

Feel free to use All American Whoppers in the tub, shower, pool or even against your kitchen counter if you feel extra frisky!

The suction cup base also fits securely into a variety of harness styles, which makes for exciting, erotic sessions in pegging, girl-girl coupling and double penetration.

Check out our 3-point guide to choosing your first harness and dildo for more info about it.


Since RealSkin is a porous, PVC material blend, you’ll want to inspect the All American Whopper before you use it each time.

These products are typically safe to use for 4-6 months, so if you notice any odd or dark spots anywhere on the dong, you’ll want to discard and replace it immediately.

The same applies if you notice a musty or moldy scent.

All American Whoppers can only be cleaned at the surface level, so a simple wash with warm water and antibacterial soap will do after inspection, before AND after each use.

RealSkin All American Whoppers are dusted with renewing powder prior to being packaged to keep the RealSkin material resilient and can be dusted with renewing powder or cornstarch at home (after the dong has been washed and air-dried completely) to maintain the sex toy and to help extend its life.

Always store RealSkin products in a cool, dark place separate from other RealSkin/ PVC/ TPR/ TPE adult toys to prevent material-breakdown.

Anna Borges of Buzzfeed offers 13 more tips anyone with sex toys should know.

RealSkin All American Whoppers meet the immediate demands of retailers and consumers alike, providing both with budget-friendly, realistic, simple options in sex.

These products can be extremely satisfying to use and easy to care for, which makes them a dynamic product when you are getting back to the basics.

Just remember sex is fun, so don`t forget to enjoy the ride!

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