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Super Head Honcho The #1 SuperHead Blowjob

The Sue Johanson Super Head Honcho

Sue Johanson Super Head Honcho
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You find yourself browsing page after page of sex toys for men late at night online.

Your eyes are blood shot and your head is pounding because you sat down some hours ago with the intention of finding the right "superhead blowjob" for you.

Wow, you think. You didn’t realize there were so many different types.

You’ve finally settled on a stoker sleeve as they are relatively inexpensive, discreet and offer true-to-life sensations.

Oh, you think. They too come in so many different styles and types.

We understand the frustration that ensues when given so many options.

Often, consumers of sex toys, and, specifically, consumers of male sex toys, are often left in the dark when it comes to sex toy features and what those features actually help the toy do.

There just aren’t enough reviews.

And yes, you should know how your toy will ‘do’ you before you take plunge with a greasy, money-filled fist in the air.

With our step-by-step guide, we hope to provide you with the basic tools necessary to find the right stroker for you!


The first thing that you will want to decide once you`ve settled on a stroker is what features it will have.

Do you want a superhead blowjob to penetrate?

Perhaps you want to pop an anal stroker’s cherry.

Blowjob masturbators for men offer even more variety to part over and over again, so it is safe to say that there is a stroker sleeve for every man.

Most masturbation sleeves feature soft, supple entrances that give and give and tight love tunnels that stimulate with nubs, ridges and/ or suction (like best-selling Super Head Honcho).

Super Head Honcho is a blowjob stroker for men by major manufacturer CalExotics that offers all three! And guess what.

It won`t break the bank.


The next thing you`ll want to consider is design.

What is that love tunnel like exactly? Is it open-ended or closed?

Closed ended strokers offer men the most control when they ejaculate, as the sleeve catches the load.

These types of strokers also provide the most realistic suction, so it is something to consider when looking for the ideal blowjob stroker.

Open-ended blowjob strokers like Super Head Honcho are accommodating for the more-endowed man, though according to Jeremy Glass (who spent an entire weekend testing the best masturbation toys for men), Super Head Honcho`s three-chamber design provides that same, incredible sucking sensation with each and every thrust.

Plus you can always plug up the end with a finger or vibrating device. You`re welcome.


Every single masturbation sleeve you encounter will entice you with ‘real-feel sensations’ and ‘realistic, lifelike materials,’ and while this is true (can you imagine sticking your stick in anything that wasn’t soft, supple and lifelike? Just—ouch…), you’ll want to know which materials are built to last and which ones you`ll have to replace.

Stroker sleeves are usually made of the following varieties: Silicone, TPR/TPE, PVC Jelly, FantaFlesh or Cyberskin/ UltraSkin.

Of these, Silicone is often the most body-safe choice as it is nonporous and sanitizable, and can last a lifetime with proper care. TPR/TPE, PVC Jelly, FantaFlesh and Cyberskin/ Ultraskyn varieties are soft, porous and necessitate careful maintenance.

TPR strokers will last you longest, as they are the least porous of the four.

Skinlike stroker sleeves such as Cyberskin and Ultraskyn offer the most realistic experience in look and feel (and are often the most expensive), while Jelly and FantaFlesh strokers are by far the most budget-friendly, though they are least safe and need to be replaced the most often.


Because male masturbation sleeves are often made from the most soft, pliable material for your best stroking experience, you`ll want to review the manufacturer`s recommendations for care, first.

Silicone sleeves can be sanitized with antibacterial soap and a warm water rinse.

Porous sleeves should be cleaned before AND after use with warm water and soap and need to be disassembled and/ or turned inside out to clean every nook and cranny.

Air-dry TPR/TPE, PVC Jelly and Cyberskin/ Ultraskyn/ FantaFlesh strokers prior to storage to help prevent bacteria growth and dust with a reviving powder or cornstarch once 100% dry to keep them pliable and life-like.

Store porous masturbators in a cool, dark place separate from other porous sex toys and check them thoroughly prior to use for signs of bacteria and mold, such as unusual odors and/or dark spots.

If you decide to take a dive with blowjob stroker Super Head Honcho, we offer a more comprehensive guide to taking care of your jelly toys here.

Shopping for a male masturbation sleeve need not be the overwhelming experience you have come to know because you, after all, want one thing in the end—to get off.

The Super Head Honcho blowjob pleasure stroker is just one option among many, but it is an option that we fully endorse.

It`s design is both accommodating and satisfying, not to mention budget-friendly.

Either way you choose, we hope that you are now better equipped to make an informed buying decision.

Just remember, gentleman: sex is fun. Don`t forget to enjoy the ride!

Laura Berman

When it comes to the Super Head Honcho by Sue Johanson, Laura Berman has a similar product called the Eden Masturbator Sleeve.

Just like the Head Honcho, the Eden Masturbator that Laura came up with also offers the sensation of vaginal intercourse. 

The Eden Masturbator actually has finger handles, unlike the head honcho stroker where you have to use your whole hand to make it work.