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At Dear Lady, we understand the importance of our work. Our passion lies in the production of sensually erotic lifestyle products that meet the highest quality standards. Fun combined with desire is our focus: Dear Lady encourages people to playfully engage with their body and that of their partner. We believe that sexuality is as intricate and individual as a fingerprint... We bring pleasure to the world.

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Since launching in 1999, We have redefined the context and perception of sexual well-being. Co-founders Lenny Balshen and Alex Granovskiy saw a need to offer customers a safe, time-saving online shopping experience that provides all of the information customers need to make informed decisions about their sex toy purchases. With an extensive array of pleasure products in every category, Dear Lady services the needs of intimate product retailers and customers worldwide through its network of distribution facilities.

With over 50 years of combined experience, Dear Lady works to make sensual online shopping private, safe, simple, and quick. Our diverse customer base has grown over our 17 years in the adult novelty business, and we are committed to the creation and distribution of the highest-quality products made from the most innovative technologies and material. From rings to eggs to beads to butt plugs, vibes, pumps, lubes, extensions, dildos and bondage gear, Dear Lady offers the best product to suit your needs and to fulfill what the body desires.

Everything we do at Dear Lady is focused on the meaningful purpose of the product - to bring sexual satisfaction to the user. Our pleasure products are designed to work well with the body and offer the most amazing sensations for all tastes. Dear Lady products help customers connect with their bodies, and often with their partners, to create a greater sense of well being. We honor the intimate level of trust each and every customer gives us when they purchase our pleasure products, and we look forward to the challenge and continuation of combining top-grade adult novelty with competitive prices to maintain and further our future success.

Our diverse team of sex experts works hard to provide products designed to fit your body and desires while meeting our high health and wellness standards. Price, quality, and user experience are our priority. Innovation, creativity and consumer feedback are our driving force. Rather than dictate what is sexy, we imbue each product with possibility, leaving room for sexual exploration, interpretation, and provocative creativity. Our diverse lines engage each person`s unique tastes. Together with excellent user-friendliness and a good price-performance ratio, these measures represent the foundation for the great levels of customer satisfaction, which is the secret to our success.

Located in Brooklyn Heights, Ohio, USA, Dear Lady offers reliable service, quality product and safe online shopping from the comfort of your home to help you attain the pinnacle of pleasure.

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Super Head Honcho: 4 Helpful Facts [Important]

Strokers, Sleeves, and Male Masturbators, Oh My! Super Head Honcho Masturbator is One Satisfying Option Among Many By: Dear Lady Blogger   Last Updated: 07/13/2017

You find yourself browsing page after page of sex toys for men late at night online. Your eyes are blood shot and your head is pounding because you sat down some hours ago with the intention of finding the right masturbator for you.

Wow, you think. You didn’t realize there were so many different types. You’ve finally settled on a stoker sleeve as they are relatively inexpensive, discreet and offer true-to-life sensations. Oh, you think. They too come in so many different styles and types.

We understand the frustration that ensues when given so many options. Often, consumers of sex toys, and, specifically, consumers of male sex toys, are often left in the dark when it comes to sex toy features and what those features actually help the toy do.

There just aren’t enough reviews. And yes, you should know how your toy will ‘do’ …

Real Feel Lifelike Toys: 4 Perfect Facts [Amazing]

Pipedream Real Feel Lifelike Toys Bridge Gap Between Affordability and Realistic Sex By: Dear Lady Blogger   Last Updated: 05/18/2017

Want To Buy It?

Sometimes you just want something that feels like the real thing. And you don’t want to break the bank either, searching for a dildo or dong that will please your passionate heart.

Enter: Real Feel Lifelike Toys by Pipedream, a budget-friendly collection of realistic dongs that celebrates your unique needs in masturbation, foreplay, and sex.
Pipedream offers a collection of realistic, real-feel dildos in a variety of fleshy colors with plenty of features for you to choose from.

The size of these dongs vary from “your average Joe” to “extreme” (substantial thickness and ample length) for pussy and anal pleasure.

We understand how difficult it can be to decide on just one, especially if you are purchasing a dildo for the first time, so we offer you the most current information to date about these products and believe that the right tools w…

Jelly Vibrators: 5 Important Facts [Need To Know]

Jelly Vibrators Offer a Plethora of Budget-Friendly Options in Sex By: Dear Lady Blogger   Last Updated: 05/11/2017

Want To But It?

Jelly Vibrators are one of the most popular types of sex toys today thanks to the variety of textures, colors and shapes available, along with their unbeatable price.

With so many choices on the market, you might wonder which jelly vibe would be best for you and for your unique needs.

Luckily, we are here to guide you to the best jelly vibe product for you because you deserve the stimulation and pleasure you crave!
Jelly Vibrators are ideal for first-time buyers and offer incredible stimulation thanks to the yielding feel of the material coupled with strong vibrations.

If you are in the market for your first-time vibrator or are simply adding to your existing collection, DearLady has plenty of Caribbean Jelly Vibes for you to choose from.
The best part is that these jelly vibes won’t break the bank! Color/Texture Jelly vibrators come in a wide variety of …

Strap On Dildo: 4 [Must Know] Facts

Myths Dispelled, A 4-Point Guide to Your First Strap On Dildo Purchase By: Dear Lady Blogger   Last Updated: 05/25/2017

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So you know all about the birds and the bees and might even call yourself kinky, but do you know about the wild and wonderful world of sex with a strap on dildo?

Dildos Under $10 Here

If your mother never told you about these bedroomsuperstars, we would not fault her for that. Who would?

We at DearLady can provide you with the information you need before you make your first strap-on dildo purchase.
Maybe you`re familiar with strap on dildos thanks to their popular use in girl-on-girl pornos.

Maybe you currently use a dildo during sexy sessions with your partner and wonder what a strap on, usually complete with harness, has to offer the two of you.

Strap on dildos help you reach the next level of intimacy with your lover, encouraging exploration, communication and mental and physical connection that is unrivaled by any other type of sex toy on the marke…

Hollow Strap On: The 7 Best Traits [Exciting Facts]

Massive King Cock 12`` Hollow Strap On Offers Easy, Intense Sex By: Dear Lady Blogger   Last Updated: 05/10/2017

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Choosing the right strap on dildo for your needs in sex can be overwhelming, but lucky for you, Kinkly provides an 8-point guide to help you choose.
Large, lifelike dildos like King Cock 12`` Hollow Strap On offer couples intense, penetrative sex long after orgasm and are ideal for those who fantasize about big dick but who might experience erectile dysfunction.
With so many hollow strap on dildos on the market to choose from, consider the following before you make your purchase: Material There are so many materials to choose from. Research the kind of material the hollow strap on is made from, then the material the harness is made from.

Educate yourself about which materials are considered body-safe, porous, nonporous, bendy, rigid, and how to care for the material you choose.

Some materials require a simple soap-and-water wash, while others require an anti…

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