Dildos - 3" to 15" Super Lifelike/Curved Suction Cup Dongs

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American Whopper
The Ambitious And Reliable American Whopper

RealSkin All American Whoppers are among the most widely distributed and frequently sold suction cup dildo sex toys on the market, popular among retailers and consumers alike for their realistic, classic design and appealing price point.

They are inexpensive, which means retailers stock them with abandon, as they offer consumers the ability to add to their existing adult toy collection without breaking the bank.               

All American Whoppers couple excellent price points with a demand for lifelike experiences in solo sex and literally fly off of retailers` shelves because of that.

RealSkin All American Whoppers feature plump tips and veiny shafts in fleshy colors, designed with one purpose in mind: to be stuffed into a favorite pleasure hole.

These lifelike dongs aim to please, and for many, that is exactly what they do.

Like candy bars in checkout lines, RealSkin All American Whoppers are a staple on the shelf and in the bedroom, a successful and satisfying example of supply and demand.

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The most popular suction cup dong among the All American Whoppers line is the 6.5” RealSkin All American Whopper, which retails at $15.99.

A 6.5-inch RealSkin cock is a non-intimidating option in size, perfect for beginners who want to introduce sex toys into their bedroom play.

It offers a 1.5” diameter (5” girth) which many beginners find to be more than satisfying.

Other options include longer or shorter lengths, thicker or narrower girths; Holistic Wisdom advises to insert your fingers, then measuring, to figure out what feels most satisfying to you.


RealSkin All American Whoppers all feature a realistic, straight-forward design: plump tips and veiny shafts that penetrate and stimulate as you suck and ride.

These suction cup dongs are sculpted to look and feel ultra-realistic and to mimic skin-to-skin contact.

Some feature vibrating options and others are double-ended for couples’ play.

Many come equipped with suction-cupped bases and/ or a harness.

If you are looking for a curved dong for P-spot or G-spot massage, these dongs have you covered.

You can view the entire collection of All American Whoppers from the dirty minds at Nasstoys at their website.


All American Whoppers are crafted from RealSkin, which is a PVC blend.

These cocks feel squishy, smooth and dense, like a hard, wet cock.

RealSkin is a flexible, resilient material that your body naturally clings to.

It is a porous material, however, and should be protected by covering the curved dong completely with a polyurethane condom.

This helps to keep bacteria at bay as these toys can only be cleaned at the surface level, even when antibacterial toy cleaners are used.

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Most RealSkin All American Whoppers can be used not only for vaginal sex but also for anal sex thanks to the wide, suction-cupped bases.

The suction-cupped base prevents the dong from being sucked up to infinity and beyond when used in the backdoor (vacuum effect).

The base also allows you to stick the All American Whopper to any smooth, flat surfaces, which makes the lifelike dongs ideal for creative straddling in and out of the bedroom, clinging securely to a variety of surfaces even during energetic play.

Feel free to use All American Whoppers in the tub, shower, pool or even against your kitchen counter if you feel extra frisky!

The suction cup base also fits securely into a variety of harness styles, which makes for exciting, erotic sessions in pegging, girl-girl coupling and double penetration.


Since RealSkin is a porous, PVC material blend, you’ll want to inspect the All American Whopper before you use it each time.

These products are typically safe to use for 4-6 months, so if you notice any odd or dark spots anywhere on the suction cup dong, you’ll want to discard and replace it immediately.

The same applies if you notice a musty or moldy scent.

All American Whoppers can only be cleaned at the surface level so a simple wash with warm water and antibacterial soap will do after inspection, before AND after each use.

RealSkin All American Whoppers are dusted with renewing powder prior to being packaged to keep the RealSkin material resilient and can be dusted with renewing powder or cornstarch at home (after the curved dong has been washed and air-dried completely) to maintain the sex toy and to help extend its life.

Always store RealSkin products in a cool, dark place separate from other RealSkin/ PVC/ TPR/ TPE adult toys to prevent material-breakdown.

Anna Borges of Buzzfeed offers 13 more tips anyone with sex toys should know.

RealSkin All American Whoppers meet the immediate demands of retailers and consumers alike, providing both with budget-friendly, realistic, simple options in sex.

These products can be extremely satisfying to use and easy to care for, which makes them a dynamic product when you are getting back to the basics.

Just remember sex is fun, so don`t forget to enjoy the ride!

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Monster Suction Cup Dildos - Demon Shaft Villians

Hosed Realistic Hose Extra Long Dildo by XR Brands, 19"

Bulging with veins for a deep internal massage! This firm, but flexible monster long curved dildo has a rippling realistic texture that runs up its length to give you even more sensation as you feed it into your hole. 

How much of this big black cock can you fit inside you? The powerful suction base anchors to most flat surfaces so that you have the ultimate control, even during solo play. 

Amp up your size play and take deep probing to a whole new level! 

Made of a durable PVC material that is phthalate-free and compatible with both silicone and water-based lubricants. 

Clean thoroughly after use with mild soap and warm water. Hosed lifelike dong is an extreme sex toy that works great for men and women and measures 20 inches in total length, 19 inches insertable, 1.5 inches in diameter.

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Adam Dexters Cock with Balls, 11.5"

Experience Adam Dexter's unique curve tonight with this lifelike dong from COLT Man Exclusive molded directly from Adam himself. Amazingly life-like look and feel offering nearly a foot of monstrous pleasure.

Exclusive Better-than-Real Plus material is unique and exciting with the beast penetrating potential you crave.

Beautifully sculptured with impressive detail including bulging demon veins, a prominent head, and big stimulating balls.

Powerful suction cup base sticks to almost any flat surface for the hands-free ride of your life. Fully compatible with all standard strap-on harnesses.

The savage curved shaft allows rewarding G-Spot exploration. Completely waterproof for fun in and out of the water.

Made in the USA with skin-safe materials to meet 21st century standards for safety and durability.

FREE premium storage bag for extended lifetime and hygiene. Striking cock from COLT Gear line by CalExotics stands 11.5" tall, with an insertable 8.5" and delivers a massive 5.5" girth (1.75" diameter) for your ultimate satisfaction.

Trinity Vibes Inflatable Super Lifelike Dildo, 11"

Have you looked near and far for the perfect sized cock? It's yours with the Trinity Inflatable Dildo, designed to fulfill your ultimate erotic desires. 

Choose just the right size that you're in the mood for, whenever, wherever. Effortlessly adjust how big you want it with a squeeze of the hand pump. 

Ridged stimulating shaft and bulbous base inflate to increase in girth and stiffness for incredible sensations. 

Quick-release valve allows you to easily adjust the size and find the perfect fit that's sure to satisfy. 

Measures 11" long with a beefy 6.25" girth when deflated (2" diameter) and a massive 8.25" girth (2.25" diameter) when inflated.

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American Bombshell Bunker Buster Curved Dong, 11"

The Monster Bunker Buster never leaves an orgasm behind! This enormous 11" curved dong is heavily ribbed for your pleasure. 

The thick head flares to a full 10" circumference before tapering to the 9" circumference shaft. 

The Bunker Buster features a suction cup base that allows you to secure it to almost any smooth, flat surface. 

Looking to play with the big boys? The Bunker Buster is for you! Made of Body-Safe PVC Material featuring antibacterial Sil-A-Gel formula. 

American Bombshell is proudly made in America. Dong stands 11" with a 9" girth (2.75" diameter).

Doc Johnson John Holmes Realistic Cock, 12"

Now, you too, can fuck the legend -- John Holmes

His huge monstrous prod is immortalized for your intense pleasure. Over 12 demon-like inches of massive manhood. 

He can still give you the greatest pleasure of your life. Go on fuck the big stick. 12" in length and 7" in girth (2.25" diameter).

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Doc Johnson Great American Challenge Jelly Dong, 15"

It's all about the challenge Can you take it on? It a Monstrous, Gigantic, OVERSIZED, Humongous devil jelly dong. 

It has a huge, penis-shaped head and enormous balls with a suction cup-like base for control. 

Not for beginners at all. You definitely have to be a PRO to take on this big curved dildo. Proudly made in America. 

Dong measures 15" in length and 8" in girth (2.5" diameter).

Doc Johnson Crystal Jellies Big Boy Waterproof Dong, 12"

Has she been begging you for more to explore places never touched? Doc Johnson has the solution - the 12 Inch Big Boy dildo. 

The large monster shaft is covered with textured veins, creating bumps and ridges that massage your entire pussy as you pump away with this massive tool. 

The textured shaft stimulates your entire pussy. Penis-shaped tip for easier and more enjoyable penetration. 

This shaft is 5" longer than your average suction cup dildo, letting you slide this sex toy deeper inside your pussy to take you to all-new levels of pleasure. 

The lifelike dildo's shaft is even thicker than average to make you feel more fulfilled than ever before. 

The Devil dildo measures 12" long and has a whopping 7" girth (2.25" diameter). 

Huge Doc Johnson sex toy is proudly made in America from a non-phthalate body-safe material with antibacterial Sil-A-Gel formula.

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eGlass Ruby Slipper Premium Glass Dildo

This is the only liquid filled glass dildo on the market that delivers a unique erotic experience and new sensual thrills.

Gorgeous and graceful, this dildo features a smooth shaft with easy-entry tip. Sensual pleasure rings added for extra stimulation.

Convenient flared base for easy control. Individually hand-made, so each one is unique and finished perfectly by the hand and eye of a craftsman.                     

Effortless glide comes from the material, special E-glass. Same glass as used for scientific and medical instruments.

Withstands wide temperature changes, small drops, and bangs without shattering, cracking or chipping.

Body-safe, hygienic and hypoallergenic. Very easy to clean or even sterilize. Unique physical properties come from a non-toxic, heat transferring liquid inside the lifelike dong.

Ruby Slipper can be quickly heated or chilled to bring new orgasmic sensations. Part of Adam & Eve's premium line of signature toys.

Bigger than average, this perennial bestseller is ready to satisfy. Stands 9.5" tall and has a blissful 5.5" girth (diameter of 1.75") at the widest point.

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CyberGlass Blazing Ice Mini Glass Dong

The Blazing Ice Mini Dong is a beautiful little glass dong made of clear blue glass. 

Slightly curved and has a "melting ice" ribbed texture on the shaft. 

Ultra-hygienic CyberGlass can withstand reasonable drops and bangs without cracking or chipping. 

Optimally maintains different temperatures so you can run it under hot or cold water for unique sensations. 

The smooth surface becomes luxuriously slick when lubricated. Waterproof for sexy adventures anywhere. 
Compatible with Head Gear Chin Strap-On.                     
Phthalate-free, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic. Easy to clean - place it on the top rack of the dishwasher or even boil it. 

The petite size makes it a perfect travel option. Measures 3.75" in length and has a comfy 3" girth (1" in diameter).

The all-new Crystal Jellies Mini Cock is finally here for your ultimate pleasure and satisfaction provided by Doc Johnson!

It is soft and smooth, yet firm enough and extra safe because it is made with the anti-bacterial sil-a-gel material.

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Doc Johnson [Crystal Jellies] Mini Cock

Moreover, it has a realistically shaped head and heavy veined shaft. Plus, this baby has a flat base for easy thrusting.

Go and enjoy 5.75 inches (15 cm) of pure jelly gratification with a girth of 4.75 inches (12.07 cm), and a diameter of 1.5 inches (3.81 cm).

The objective of this crystal clear Mini Cock is to excite and titillate every throbbing inch of your body! It is proudly made in the USA.

Doc Johnson [Raging Hard Ons] Slim Line Dong

Designed for comfortable sensual experience, 8-inch Raging Hard-Ons Slim-Line dong from Doc Johnson is a delightful stimulating sex toy equipped with a powerful suction cup base for hand-free erotic activities. 

Added realistic veins supply extra sensation and intensify orgasm. 

Raging Hard-Ons Dong with the textured shaft is proudly made in the USA by Doc Johnson using 100% Phthalate-free anti-bacterial Sil-A-Gel formula. 

Slim Line veined dong with suction mount base measures 8" long and has a joyful 4" girth (1.25" diameter) to spice up your bedroom play.

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Tempting [Serpent Premium] Glass Dildo

Tempting Serpent dildo of premium glass, specially designed for an optimal erotic experience. 

Sensually curved, a winding shaft for a unique sensation and endless pleasure. Double-ended for double the pleasure with two differently sized heads for you to explore. 

The beautifully designed shaft is adorned with thrilling pleasure beads for added stimulation. Made from quality medical-grade borosilicate glass

Ultra-strong glass withstands extreme temperatures and can be placed in the fridge or warm water for different sensory thrills. 

Dishwasher safe for effortless cleanup and maintenance. Entirely hypoallergenic, body-safe, and non-toxic.                  

The waterproof glass surface is completely nonporous and therefore stain and odor-free. 

Glass sex toys are completely safe to use with any kind of lubricant, water-based, silicone or any other. 

Glass dildo measures 8.5" long with a comfortable 4" girth (1.25" diameter) at the widest point.
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Life-Like Dongs [4 Important Facts To Learn]

Sometimes you just want something that feels like the real thing.

You don’t want to break the bank either, searching for a dildo or dong that will please your passionate heart.

Enter Real Feel Lifelike Toys by Pipedream, a budget-friendly collection of realistic dongs that celebrates your unique needs in masturbation, foreplay, and sex.

Pipedream offers a collection of realistic, real-feel curved dildos in a variety of fleshy colors with plenty of features for you to choose from.
The size of these dongs varies from “your average Joe” to “extreme” (substantial thickness and ample length) for pussy and anal pleasure.

We understand how difficult it can be to decide on just one, especially if you are purchasing a lifelike dildo for the first time.

We offer you the most current information to date about these products and believe that the right tools will help you make an informed, satisfying decision.

What lifelike dongs have in common is the tender, pliable material they are made from.

According to, Fanta Flesh is a lifelike material that mimics human skin (in both look and feel), warming to the touch during use to provide you with an incredible, realistic experience.

Just like natural, skin-to-skin contact, the material has some weight and drag, which stimulates sensitive hot spots like no other sex toy can, though others have and do try.


Lifelike dongs range from a modest 6 inches in length to the more extreme 12-inch cocks.

The length you choose will depend on your current preferences in size.

An 8- or 9-inch dong might fall in the mid-range of measurement for this line of realistic cocks but could be bigger than you’ve experienced, which is sometimes good, sometimes bad.

You will want to take out a ruler for a visual guide and to use as a reference point.

A 6-inch dong is usually a good place to start for beginners. If you crave that filled-up-and-full sensation, a 1.5-inch diameter is a good place to start.


Pipedream Real Feel Lifelike Toys offer a variety of features to satisfy your needs, be they kinky, mild or anything in between.

Many of these lifelike dongs offer veins, ridges, nubs, and plump, squishy tips for your pleasure ride.

Some offer a ballsy base that slaps against your hot spots as you thrust, and still, others vibrate, gyrate, and swirl for your ultimate pleasure.

If creative straddling is your thing, many Real Feel Lifelike Toys offer a strong suction-cup base.

Some of these satisfying cocks are “bent” or curved to massage your G- or P-spot while adding to the realistic feel of your experience.


Real Feel Lifelike Toys come in creamy, fleshy colors for you to choose from. “Natural” flesh or “Ivory” is peachy in nature, lightly tinted with pink.

“Brown” flesh or “Caramel” is a rich, smooth color, not unlike a melted pool of milk chocolate.

“Black” flesh or “Ebony” encompasses everything from a dark, velvety hue with lighter, creamy accents to matte-black through and through.


Because of the flexible, realistic nature of these products and the composition of their material, you must take extra precaution when maintaining your Real Feel Lifelike Toys.

Fanta Flesh is a porous material and, according to, of the TPR family. TPR products are non-toxic and phthalate-free, though should be washed before and after use with antibacterial soap or an antibacterial toy cleaner.

Only use water-based lubes with Real Feel Lifelike Toys, like silicone, oil or hybrid lubricants will break down your Fanta Flesh material.

Allow these dongs to air-dry completely prior to storage to help prevent bacterial growth, and store them in a cool, dry place away from direct light and other Fanta Flesh/ TPR-made sex toys.

There is so much to consider when shopping for a realistic, lifelike dong for your sexual pleasure, and even more types, lines, and manufacturers to choose from.

Pipedream offers a way to narrow down your options for realistic sensations in sex that won’t break the bank.

Budget-friendly lifelike dongs can and do provide lots of sex toy-customers with the exact sensation they crave, leading to a fuller, more satisfying life, whether partnered or not.

Just remember that sex, and the many ways it`s done, is fun, so don’t forget to enjoy the ride!

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