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Anal Trainer Kit [3 Butt Plugs]

COLT Anal Trainer KitPrepare yourself up to the following level and go up against the huge ones with this entire COLT butt-centric preparing pack from COLT Gear by California Exotics. 

Firm yet malleable butt connects slide ideal to and comply with the bends of your body. 

Flared for wellbeing and aggregate control of your pleasure, these fittings remain right to set up. 

Three piece set gives incremental stages from little to medium to huge.
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Waterproof goods toys are produced using body safe, non-dangerous PVC material and will influence your shower or tub time considerably additionally fulfilling.                           

Butt-centric Trainer Kit butt plugs differ from 4" to 6" long with width ranges from an agreeable 1" (3" circumference) to a genuinely satisfying 1.75" (5.5" bigness), so anybody can prepare yourself or an accomplice for additionally fulfilling butt-centric delights.

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