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Luminoglow Lingerie [Glow In The Dark]

As you can see in this video, the Luminoglow's lingerie glows in the dark and is a brand new lingerie product line by Luminoglow.

High Charlie Brief
High Charlie Brief - Luminoglow Available in soft white in small, medium, and large

The all finished high waisted shameless sparkling trim pantie influences your legs to look long, lean and awesome. The scallops of the ribbon bend erotically finished the backside – drop dead exquisite!

Lulu Bra
Lulu Bra - LuminoglowAvailable in soft white in smallmedium, and large

Delicate sparkling trim scallops bend over the bosom guaranteeing you will look just celestial with the lights on and lights off!

Scarlett Bra
Scarlett Bra - Luminoglow Available in soft white in smallmedium, and large

An immaculate triangle shape and all-finished gleaming ribbon make this bra basically exquisite. Rose gold rings, sliders and snare and eye conclusion keep the bra sharp and fun.

Festival Crop Top
Festival Crop Top - Luminoglow Available in soft white in smallmedium, and large

Wear it, adore it! An unlined shape that is all you, with a smooth high neck and truly gleaming trim on a sheer work setting. The underbust band is elasticised to give you an awesome fit.

Coco Bra
Coco Bra - LuminoglowAvailable in Large

Diving V neck area triangle bra, unlined and remote with delicate scallops on the two sides of the glasses. The rose gold rings, sliders and conclusion guarantee an exceptionally chic and beautiful bra.

Lace Suspenders
Lace Suspenders - Luminoglow Available in soft white in smallmedium, and large

Meet a coy new top choice. Rose gold frill on a lycra belt guarantee this suspender will fit an assortment of sizes. Wear it with the coordinating Tequila Thong and some ladylike dark sheer tights! You'll rush the look particularly when the lights are killed.

Lace Teddy
Lace Teddy - Luminoglow  Available in soft white in Medium

Hot from each point on the whole finished gleam oblivious delicate trim with low U-molded artful dance back and delicate glossy silk strip ties at the neck. Wear it in the event that you set out – all around, daytime and night.