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Njoy Metal G-Spot Fun Wand 7.5" Polished Steel

Anal Butt Plug Sex Toys
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Magnificently adaptable outline of the Njoy Fun Wand gives unending sexy potential outcomes. 

Perfect alone or with an accomplice, this wand is an extraordinary diversion for joined oral and G-spot incitement, or utilize the graduated knobs for butt-centric joy. 

The strong and smooth material is thickly weighted for an extremely invigorating sensation. 

Dissimilar to lighter jam toys with a scarcely there feel this wand gives serious joy and the most empowering of sexual sensations. 
Njoy Metal G-Spot Fun Wand case
Most noteworthy quality new-world craftsmanship and the purest material accessible for security and interminable sturdiness

Unrivaled therapeutic review stainless steel is worked to keep going for a lifetime of joy. 

Hand cleaned to a mirror sparkle for both magnificence and usefulness. 

Totally waterproof and non-permeable, so it can be cleaned or disinfected by any methods. 

Holds warmth and cool delightfully for temperature play. 

Lavishly smooth and smooth when utilized with your decision of individual oil.

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