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Passage [Ergo] Prostate Stimulator

Prostate Massagers
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Accomplish something beyond plug up that butt influence it to murmur with the ergonomic Passage prostate massager! 

This intense prostate stimulator in smooth matte dark silicone conveys genuine bends that offer genuine delight. 

Passage 7X Rechargeable Ergo Prostate StimulatorBurn through 7 elements of vibration, including 3 effective vibration powers and 4 throb designs with one straightforward catch. 

The bend of this calculated vibrating butt-centric fitting makes a stick pointed prostate back rub, humming energetically inside you

Made of premium silicone, this butt-centric stimulator is non-permeable and sans phthalate. 

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Waterproof designing makes it ok for use in the shower and amid showers. Rechargeable battery offers durable joy that charges effortlessly by means of USB magnet. 

Clean this joy apparatus effortlessly and successfully with cleanser and water. Entry butt-centric vibrator measures 5.25" in absolute length with an insertable 4" and a powerful 4" size (1.25" breadth) at greatest.

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