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Rocks-Off Chick Silicone Personal Vibrating Massager

Rocks-Off Chick Silicone Personal Vibrating MassagerEnclosed you will find the Rock-Chick silicone personal massager and accessories.

The unique curved design and flexible silicone material of the massager allow the user to experience clitoral and g-spot stimulation simultaneously.

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From a gentle rocking of your partner's hand, the Rock-Chick is easy to use and promises great satisfaction.
Rocks-Off Chick Massager positioning description
Kit includes Silicone Rock-Chick personal massager with a vibrating bullet; Scented intimacy wipe; ID      Pleasure lubricant 1.1 fl.oz., (33 ml); Rock-Chick cleaner 2 fl.oz., (60 ml); Instructional pamphlet.

Rocks-Off Chick Massager package

This is not your next vibrator, this is the one after that, which is available for you now. FREE batteries are included.