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Double Dildo Strap On - Double Delight Strap-On 13"

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Fetish Fantasy Series Double Delight Strap-On Dildo 13"

The very sexy double dildo strap-on is the perfect way to take control in the bedroom.

Stretchy elastic harness easily adjusts to fit most sizes, while the dong comfortably stays in place.

You and your partner will love the thickness and life-like feel of the dong, and you'll love the results.

The pleasure is unparalleled when it's been doubled. Comfortable and durable plastic material.

Satisfying strap on built for two will provide endless enjoyment for both of you and your hungry holes.

Few things induce a cold sweat at the brow like the idea of having partnered sex with a lubed-up, double-ended dildo, right?

There is something innately satisfying about simultaneous penetration and mutually getting each other off.

Double dongs definitely live up to the reputation that proceeds them as they offer much room (pun intended) for creativity, experimentation, communication and orgasmic experiences for couples and even for casual, sexy encounters between you and a good friend. Go on – let your hair down.

Double Dongs [4 Powerful Facts]

Double Dongs: 4 Powerful Facts

With the right know-how, you too will join the ranks of those who have used fantasy-level, queer-friendly, cum-inducing double dong sex toys for two.

Double dongs offer a lot when it comes to good sex and fun, spirited romance. They can take your special, private playtime from “Great!” to “OOOOMMMMMGGGGG WOW!!!!!”

Similar to traditional dildos, double dongs are often phallic in nature and feature 2 penetrative heads instead of one.

They are usually bendy to withstand your most enthusiastic thrusts and can be used for double penetration of the vagina and anus during solo play in addition to the most popular way they are used.

Usually associated with girl-on-girl lovemaking, double-sided dongs offer so many creative, hot options for all, no matter the gender and/ or sexual orientation.

For our purposes, we will cover topics that are inclusive in nature. Glean what you may.

Communication, Communication, Communication

A double-sided dong is not a bullet, is not a feather tickler, is not a sexy bedroom outfit, is not for the faint of heart.

One of the most important aspects of introducing and choosing a double dong is communication with your partner about your interest from the start.

If using a double dong is something you want to try, use your words and tell your partner what you want because we are all adults here (and you should treat your partner like one too).

More than likely, they will be turned on by the idea of simultaneous penetration and mutual orgasms, and even if they aren’t (and the thought of such a thing makes them want to head for the hills), it offers the two of you an opportunity to talk about and explore what options are right for sex between the two of you.

Jennifer Amato of offers great advice about setting the tone for conversations like these, no matter what kind of toy piques your fancy.

Shopping Together

In addition to communication, shopping together for the right double dong can be a satisfying and rewarding experience that is not necessarily overwhelming with the right approach.

Most couples browse online retailers for double-sided dongs before planning a trip to a traditional brick-and-mortar store.

Shopping together for a double dildo should be as satisfying as shopping for anything else and way more fun!

Plan to browse at least two or three brick-and-mortar retailers for a hands-on date with your partner before taking the dive.

Since the two of you will be consenting to the introduction of a new sex toy in the bedroom, one that is designed to penetrate both of you,

The earlier you are involved in the process of buying a double-ended dong, the more likely it is that the two of you will enjoy the experience.

Plus, it continues to build on the idea that honest, open communication is the bedrock of healthy, strong sexual relationships.

What To Consider While You Shop

Once you and your partner are nose-deep in shopping for a new double dildo, you might want to consider a few things about each of your bodies.

How comfortable will the double-ended dildo be when it`s lubed and in use? You might want to consider the dong`s length and width before you make a purchase.

Many double-ended dongs are on the lengthier side to accommodate positioning between two bodies. A 12” double dong with a 1.5” width is usually a good place to start.

What type of material will the two of you be comfortable inserting into your bodies? What material is the most durable?

The most flexible?

Double dongs, like traditional dongs, come in many different materials, from different metals, glass and silicone to jelly, TPR, and UR3.

It behooves you to spend time researching the material your dream double dong is made of because, more often than not, you get what you pay for, and we are absolutely positive that neither you nor your lover wants unwelcome surprises.

EdenFantasys offers a material safety overview, and we offer a more comprehensive guide to purchasing, using and caring for jelly-made products here, as, more than likely, your first purchase will be the most budget-friendly.

How Do We Use This Thing?

So you`ve communicated, you`ve shopped together, you`ve picked out the double-sided dong that you are both sure will deliver you to the steps of your creamy happily-ever-after (or to the gates of your orgasmic dreamland, if you prefer).

Now, what to do?

The first thing you should know is that is not easy to weld a 12`` long dong between your thighs, especially when it`s been lubed.

So fight gravity (duh!) and lie down, decide which one of you wants to be fucked and who wants to do the fucking, then lube up.

Lubricate both ends well with a lubricant that is compatible with your double dong sex toy, and get to work.

Having sex with a double-sided dong requires a sense of humor and an amazing amount of pelvic strength.

Go slow and don’t be surprised if your dream toy decides that it’s not going to cooperate the first couple of times.

As the two of you get more confident and comfortable with using the double dong, experiment with positions (who is top/ who is bottom) and how you will play.

In addition to being used vag-to-vag, double dongs can be used anus-to-anus and vag-to-anus.

As before, communication is key and consent is essential, so make sure your honey`s on board for changing things up before you do.

Double dongs offer so much for intimacy and sex between couples.

The experience of introducing them into your relationship and into your bedroom need not be an experience you dread.

Double-ended dongs offer versatility, deeply satisfying massage for each of you, and true intimacy and closeness with your partner.

In other words, double dongs can change the way you sex.

Who doesn’t want that? Just remember that it might take a few tries to get it right. Sex is fun, so enjoy the ride!

Double Ended Dildo Or Jelly Dildos?

Double Ended Dildo

Doc Johnson Raging Hard Ons Slim Line Ballsy Jelly Dildo
Doc Johnson Raging Hard Ons Slim Line Ballsy Jelly Dildo

Intended for an arousing knowledge, 9-inch Ballsy Raging Hard-Ons Slim-Line jam dong from Doc Johnson is a delightful animating sex toy.

Included practical veins supply additional sensation and increase climax.

Seething Hard-Ons Dong with bona fide balls and the veined shaft is gladly made in the USA by Doc Johnson utilizing 100% sans phthalate hostile to the bacterial Sil-A-Gel recipe.                                  

Thin Line veined jam dong with balls measures 9" long and has a blissful 4" circumference (1.25" distance across) to flavor up your room

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Jelly Corkscrew Dong with Suction Cup

One of a kind dildo that has augmenting form with screw-molded winding waves up and down the pole.

Thin tip for a simple passage simpler and an empowering shaft that promises some new and profound sensual sensations.

Superbly formed and finished dildo with the ideal size is certain to fulfill.

Hands-free suction glass construct gives use in light of the divider, in the shower or anyplace.

Good with the most tie on tackles for exciting lash on the play.

Delightfully supple, incredibly delicate and smooth, and only a joy to mess around with.

Quality sans phthalate skin-safe jam material.

Jam Corkscrew Dong is waterproof for entertainment only all through the water.

Safe jam sex toy measures 6" tall with its circumference changing from 3.75" (breadth of 1.25") on the best to 6.5" (distance across of 2") on the base.

You will get a solitary Jelly Corkscrew Dong, which can be one of the accompanying hues: Pink, Purple, Blue, Violet, Red or Black (sad we can't get a dong of correct shading since it's a different blend).