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About Us

About Dear Lady Blogger

At Dear LadyBlogger, we understand the importance of our work. Our passion lies in the production of sensually erotic lifestyle products that meet the highest quality standards.

Fun combined with desire is our focus: Dear Lady encourages people to playfully engage with their body and that of their partner. We believe that sexuality is as intricate and individual as a fingerprint... We bring pleasure to the world.

Since launching in 1999, We have redefined the context and perception of sexual well-being.

Co-founders Lenny Balshen and Alex Granovskiy saw a need to offer customers a safe, time-saving online shopping experience that provides all of the information customers need to make informed decisions about their sex toy purchases.

With an extensive array of pleasure products in every category, Dear Lady services the needs of intimate product retailers and customers worldwide through its network of distribution facilities.

With over 50 years of combined experience, Dear Lady works to make sensual online shopping private, safe, simple, and quick.

Our diverse customer base has grown over our 17 years in the adult novelty business, and we are committed to the creation and distribution of the highest-quality products made from the most innovative technologies and material.

From rings to eggs to beads to butt plugs, fleshlights, pumps, massagers, extensions, hollow strap-ons, and bondage gear, Dear Lady offers the best product to suit your needs and to fulfill what your body desires.

Everything we do at Dear Lady is focused on the meaningful purpose of the product - to bring sexual satisfaction to the user.

Our pleasure products are designed to work well with the body and offer the most amazing sensations for all tastes.

Dear Lady products help customers connect with their bodies, and often with their partners, to create a greater sense of well being.

We honor the intimate level of trust each and every customer gives us when they purchase our pleasure products, and we look forward to the challenge and continuation of combining top-grade adult novelty with competitive prices to maintain and further our future success.

Our diverse team of sex experts works hard to provide products designed to fit your body and desires while meeting our high health and wellness standards.

Price, quality, and user experience are our priority. Innovation, creativity and consumer feedback are our driving force.

Rather than dictate what is sexy, we imbue each product with possibility, leaving room for sexual exploration, interpretation, and provocative creativity.

Our diverse lines engage each person`s unique tastes. Together with excellent user-friendliness and a good price-performance ratio, these measures represent the foundation for the great levels of customer satisfaction, which is the secret to our success.

Located in Brooklyn Heights, Ohio, USA, Dear Lady offers reliable service, quality product and safe online shopping from the comfort of your home to help you attain the pinnacle of pleasure.

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