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Women Vibrators

For those of you women that would like a replacement for the man that just isn't handling the job right, the VIP Vibrators are right for you. 
California Dreaming San Francisco Sweetheart VibeThey will allow you to be comfortable with being without a man disappointing you anymore by only getting his jollies off and leaving you with the "blue balls."

Need vibrators that won't be expensive and still get the job done well?


The affordable way is the at least way to go because after all, what are you working so hard for if you can't have your alone time sometimes and give yourself the feeling you deserve.
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Affordable Vibrators

Pink Erotic Rabbit Twisting Vibe

Pink Erotic Rabbit Twisting Vibe 20

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Pleasurable Erotic Rabbit vibe has a long, sensually textured shaft filled with stimulating delight beads to massage you deep inside.

The beautifully translucent firm jelly shaft is firm yet supple for a skin-like feel.

Rabbit clitoral stimulator flickers and teases your clit.

Multi-speed controls allow additional types of stimulating motion - twisting and rotating the shaft.

Twisting intensity and level of clitoral satisfaction can be controlled independently so you can choose the right balance for these two thrills.

The unique reverse feature allows you to change shaft rotation direction on the spot with a single push of a button.

Simple sliding controls at the base of the vibe will make sure you can concentrate on gratification, not on the search of a button to push.

Non-toxic Phthalate-free body-safe materials.

Pink Aquasaki Waterproof Personal Vibrator

Feel the excitement with the Aquasaki waterproof vibe.

Easy to use push button controls and variable speed vibration.

Tantalizing vibrating beaver tongue to stimulate the clitoris.

Bendable shaft to hit spots like never before.

Aquasaki intimate female stimulator measures 9 .25" long with an insertable length of 4.5" and has a joyful 4.25" girth (1.25" diameter).

Exotic Pearl Glass Dildo

Glass Dildo, 8", Clear with Blue Spirals 11

Representing East Indian thoughts of love, the Pearl design dildo from the Glass Gem Collection by TopCat is individually crafted in hand-blown glass, with the craftsman perfecting every feature.

The bestselling Pearl design is double-ended for twice the pleasure and longer than average with a smooth, blunt tip and spiral ridge shaft for natural pleasure at one end and balls of increasing size at the other.

Medium is size this glass love toy is lovingly curved for maximum G-spot stimulation and can be warmed or cooled for different erotic sensations.

Because it's made of high-quality borosilicate glass (the same as medical and scientific glassware), it's easily cleaned, and can even be put in the dishwasher.

No matter what your sensitivity to different materials, premium glass is safe, hypoallergenic and very easy to clean.

Just as all glass sex toys Pearl Gem dong is fully compatible with any kind of intimate lubricants, water-based, silicone or any other.

Chemical and odor resistant the Pearl dildo is 8" long with a comfortable 4" girth (1.25" diameter) and will surely bring new sensual experience to your bedroom play.  More glass dildos