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Blush Luxe Discover Silicone Vibrating Anal Butt Plug

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Luxury Discover Vibrating Silicone Butt Plug is another release to your butt-centric toys accumulation from Blush Novelties.

Effective vibrating projectile offers 10 incitement capacities comprising of 5 rates and 5 rhythms.

The adaptable waterproof projectile is additionally removable so you can utilize only it, or together with the Discover butt-centric attachment.

So you have 2 toys in 1! A note about the state of this item. Decreased head and neck of the attachment is molded to when the plug is embedded it remains safely embedded.

Wellbeing handle is formed with the goal that the handle adjusts serenely to your body making expanded wear more agreeable.

Luxury Discover butt plug is produced using unadulterated silicone, so it is body safe and phthalate free.

Find another universe of butt-centric delight today with this premium butt-centric sex toy from Blush Novelties.

Vibrating butt-centric attachment utilizes a solitary AAA battery (sold independently) to add exciti…

Icicles No. 20 Glass Personal Vibrator

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Stylish, chic, and hand-crafted with amazing attention to detail, Icicle No 20 personal vibrator from Pipedream is an exquisite vibrating glass massager that will leave you breathless and satisfied.
Each hand-blown Icicle glass wand is sleek, unique, and made to play hard. Sleek, unique, and made to play hard, this one-of-a-kind glass vibrator will send chills down your spine.

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Sleek feel of glass plus the pleasure of multi-speed vibrations will drive you or your partner wild. The elegantly sculpted premium sex toy is lustrous, unique, and gives you many ways to play.
Amazing erotic toy withstands extreme temperatures and can be placed in the fridge or warm water for different sensory thrills.
Durable glass stimulator is built to last for the entire lifetime of use. Entirely hypoallergenic, body-safe glass is easy to clean and maintain.
Quality medical-grade borosilicate glass is completely nonporous and therefore stain and odor free.

Glass toys from Icicles …

Up and Down Play Around Vibrating Anal Vibe

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All over the inner movement of the pounding dots empowered the impressions of genuine butt-centric sex. Variable velocities offer it to you simply the way you like it.

Moderate and erotic or rigid. Energizing butt-centric incitement for both, men and ladies.

Stands 7.5" long with 2" in distance across of the biggest area, 6" in size. Utilizations 4 C batteries (sold independently).

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Sensuelle Silicone Butt Plug

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Nu toys for grown-ups Sensuelle Remote Control Mini Butt Plug Black.

The Mini Anal Plug has been remarkably created for breathtaking indirect access happiness notwithstanding for learners!

The Nu Sensuelle Remote Control Mini Plug takes the whisper calm engine of the electrifying slug and covers it is an all around outlined delicate silicone sleeve to change it into the ideal butt-centric attachment.

Perfect for clients of any level with 3.5 inches insertable, this great formed butt plug offers 15 unquenchable vibrating, throbbing and raising capable examples of unadulterated joy to send you into an orbital orgasmic joy!

Gloating a smooth, pointed .5 inch wide tip for simplicity of addition that flares out to only 1.1 inches.

The smaller 3 inches wide base keeps the attachment slipping out.

Nu Sensuelle extends, the Mini Plug is completely rechargeable utilizing the charger which is incorporated, attractively clicks onto the base of the piece.

The silicone covering is co…

Njoy Metal G-Spot Fun Wand 7.5" Polished Steel

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Magnificently adaptable outline of the Njoy Fun Wand gives unending sexy potential outcomes. 
Perfect alone or with an accomplice, this wand is an extraordinary diversion for joined oral and G-spot incitement, or utilize the graduated knobs for butt-centric joy. 

The strong and smooth material is thickly weighted for an extremely invigorating sensation. 
Dissimilar to lighter jam toys with a scarcely there feel this wand gives serious joy and the most empowering of sexual sensations.  Most noteworthy quality new-world craftsmanship and the purest material accessible for security and interminable sturdiness
Unrivaled therapeutic review stainless steel is worked to keep going for a lifetime of joy. 
Hand cleaned to a mirror sparkle for both magnificence and usefulness. 
Totally waterproof and non-permeable, so it can be cleaned or disinfected by any methods. 
Holds warmth and cool delightfully for temperature play. 
Lavishly smooth and smooth when utilized with your deci…

Shyla Jennings [Penthouse Calendar Girl] Stroker

Love your Calendar Girl every day of the year with this sensually soft CyberSkin stroker that feels just like porn star Shyla Jennings inviting pussy.

Spread her soft, hand painted lips, glide your cock in and use the hot stimulating images on the package to enhance your erotic fantasy about Shyla Jennings.

Her thick-ribbed tunnel tugs and squeezes your cock with every stroke.

Squeeze your grip to make her pussy extra tight and put your finger in the exit hole to create wonderful suction beyond regular male masturbation experience. 

Purchase Here Meticulously designed to mimic real human flesh, Cyberskin warms to body temperature with a small amount of friction and is the closest material you can find to simulate the feel of true skin to skin contact.
With both the elasticity and softness of actual sin, only CyberSkin renders nearly lifelike replicas of your favorite Adult movie stars.
Penthouse Calendar Girl masturbator measures 7" and will stretch to satisfy most cocks.

Njoy Metal Prostate Pfun Plug [4.5"]

Ergonomically designed to target the prostate, njoy Pfun Plug delivers firm, controlled massage to the male P-spot.
Whether manually controlled, or activated with the user's own muscles in 'hands-off' mode, it hits the P-spot with precision.

The solid and smooth material is densely weighted for a very stimulating sensation.

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Unlike lighter plastic plugs with a barely there feel, this plug provides intense pleasure the whole time it's worn for that lovely sense of fullness.

Safety pull loop makes insertion and withdrawal effortless. Highest quality new-world craftsmanship and the purest material available for safety and infinite durability.

Superior medical grade stainless steel is built to last a lifetime of pleasure. Hand polished to a mirror shine for both beauty and functionality.

Completely waterproof and non-porous, so it can be cleaned or sterilized by any means.

Holds heat and cold beautifully for temperature play. Luxuriously smooth and slick when …

Njoy Pure Metal Butt Plug [2.0 XL 5"]

Designed to be equally fun for hot bedroom play or to wear out to the club for some naughty secret stimulation.
Shaped perfectly to the curves of the body, Njoy Pure Plug features a large head for that delicious stretch of penetration, with a small stem for good retention and long-term comfort.
Delightful ridges for easier insertion provide many stimulating sensations. Artful curve offers him a welcome P-spot tease or a bonus massage for both during double penetration play.

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The solid material is densely weighted for a very stimulating sensation. Unlike lighter plastic plugs with a barely there feel, this plug provides intense pleasure the whole time it's worn for that lovely sense of fullness. Safety pull loop makes insertion and withdrawal effortless.
Highest quality new-world craftsmanship and the purest material available for safety and infinite durability.
Superior medical grade stainless steel is built to last a lifetime of pleasure. Hand polished to a mirror sh…

Passionate Ruby Glass Dildo [8"]

The ancients associated the Ruby with passion, and that's why this design will excite.
Ruby dildo from the Glass Gem Collection - a premium TopCat line. Individually crafted in hand-blown glass, so a craftsman spends time perfecting every curve.
Designed for the experienced users. Smooth, easy-entry tip and a series of beads and ridges. Easy and convenient withdrawal ring.

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Put it in the refrigerator for a few minutes or let it soak in warm water and you'll be able to experiment with different erotic sensations.
Dishwasher safe and completely hypoallergenic.
Perfectly sealed surface resists chemicals and odors, which makes the Ruby design odor and stain free.
Measures 8" long and has a joyful 4.5" girth (1.5" diameter).
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Glass Gem [Lazuli] Glass Dildo

Surprise her with this highly effective and safe Glass Gem Lazuli.  This dildo is hand-blown, has beautiful colors, and is super-hard so that it will last for many years to come. 
The Lazuli has a penis shaped head for smooth insertion, ribbed, and has small studs for added pleasure. 
Includes a velvet-carrying bag for when you re on the run.
Medium sized glass dildo measures 5.25" long and has a girth of 3.75" (1.25" diameter).

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Soothing [Amethyst G-Spot] Glass Dildo

Myths say that Amethyst is soothing, so you'll want to use the mellow Amethyst G-Spot/Prostate dildo, from the Glass Gem Collection, to ease away the troubles of the day. 
Each one is individually crafted in hand-blown glass, every curve uniquely crafted for your pleasure. 
The smaller tip is perfect for an easy entry (and for those new to the pleasures of a glass dildo). 
The large round stopper ball can be used for penetration by the adventurous. Smooth beads of increasing size for gradually increasing pleasure.

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Sensually curved shape for satisfying G-Spot/Prostate exploration. Stimulating spiral ridges on the shaft imitate natural pleasures during use. 
Convenient stopper ball handle provides precise control, letting you manipulate the dildo for maximum pleasure. 
Put it in the refrigerator for a few minutes or let it soak in warm water and you'll be able to experiment with different erotic sensations. 
Made of quality borosilicate glass (the same as medical and…

Immortal Jade [G-Spot] Glass Dildo Dong

Immortal Jade G Spot glass dildo is a smooth G-spot stimulator with a spiral ridge, then three balls for added stimulation. 
Jade was believed by the ancient Chinese to promote immortality, and that's how long your pleasure might last with the timeless Jade design dildo from the Glass Gem Collection
Each large glass sex toy is individually crafted in hand-blown glass, every curve uniquely crafted for your pleasure. 
This toy is designed for experienced users. Convenient handle provides precise control, letting you manipulate the dildo for maximum pleasure.

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Put it in the refrigerator for a few minutes or let it soak in warm water and you'll be able to experiment with different erotic sensations. 
Jade sexual stimulator is made of borosilicate glass (the same as medical and scientific glassware). 
Easily cleaned, you can even put it in the dishwasher. Completely hypoallergenic for your safety. 
Perfectly sealed surface resists chemicals and odors, so Jade is odor …

Seductive [Emerald] Glass Dildo

The Romans treasured the emerald for its ability to increase sexual passion. 
This essence is incorporated into the seductive Emerald design glass dildo from the Glass Gem Collection of quality sex toys
Individually crafted in hand-blown glass so the craftsman can ensure that every curve is perfect. 
Shaped like the real thing with a ridge near the tip for initial pleasure.
Pleasure bumps and ridges adorn the shaft for continuing excitement. Stand up base keeps it standing at attention and ready for use on the nightstand. 
Put it in the refrigerator for a few minutes or let it soak in warm water and you'll be able to experiment with different erotic sensations.
Dishwasher safe and completely hypoallergenic. Perfectly sealed surface resists chemicals and odors, which makes the Emerald odor and stain free. 
Medium sized glass dildo stands 8" tall and has a comfortable 4" girth (1.25" diameter).
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Lelo Hugo [Wireless Silicone] Prostate Massager

With two intense engines in the base and tip, HUGO butt-centric vibe for men has a smooth and smooth shape that is flawlessly framed for greater, better and even without hands climaxes.

Including 2 vibrating engines in base and tip for twofold, the focused on delight.

Waterproof, rechargeable, and remote-controlled.

Medium-sized for all levels of the enterprise.

Ideal for your first time or being worn amid intercourse.

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Hugo butt-centric massager from LELO measures 5.5" in full length with an insertable 3.5" and a 4" size (1.25" distance across).

USB Charger is incorporated.

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Loki Wave Prostate Massager [by Lelo]

LOKI Wave Prostate Massager offers a decreased tip and smooth bend to part you anally and empowers effectively by means of double engines and a one of a kind, fulfilling come-here movement. 
Taboo organic product tastes the sweetest, so don't hesitate to enjoy serious twofold P delight and experience the most extreme and vital climaxes of your life!

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LOKI Wave Prostate Massager places you responsible for your climactic, incredible experience on account of a basic 5-catch interface that is arranged at the base of the handle for simple availability while you play. 
This wonderful come-here prostate massager is 100% rechargeable to present to 2 hours of play on a full charge and is waterproof too for splashy, imaginative play in the shower, tub or pool. 
Essentially grease up well with a most loved water-based lube, back rub to ease addition, and pick the vibrating setting that will fulfill you velvety dreams. 
LOKI Wave Prostate Massager measures 7.75" long (19.6 c…

Nobu Bimo [Ultimate] Prostate Massager

Ideal for men or ladies, the Bimo is an all better approach to encounter delight.
The Nobu Bimo Ultimate Prostate Massager has 10 vibration speeds sending a buzz through 2 engines, you will have the capacity to encounter double the delight, both inside and remotely.

The bent and the undulated shaft is ideal for P-spot or G-spot incitement and the extra arm is ideal for either perineal or clitoral incitement.

Sprinkle verification and made of restorative review silicone, the Bimo is anything but difficult to clean and purify. Purchase Here
Estimations: 6 crawls in absolute length, 4.5 inches insertable length.
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Passage [Ergo] Prostate Stimulator

Accomplish something beyond plug up that butt influence it to murmur with the ergonomic Passage prostate massager! 
This intense prostate stimulator in smooth matte dark silicone conveys genuine bends that offer genuine delight. 
Burn through 7 elements of vibration, including 3 effective vibration powers and 4 throb designs with one straightforward catch. 
The bend of this calculated vibrating butt-centric fitting makes a stick pointed prostate back rub, humming energetically inside you
Made of premium silicone, this butt-centric stimulator is non-permeable and sans phthalate. 
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Waterproof designing makes it ok for use in the shower and amid showers. Rechargeable battery offers durable joy that charges effortlessly by means of USB magnet. 
Clean this joy apparatus effortlessly and successfully with cleanser and water. Entry butt-centric vibrator measures 5.25" in absolute length with an insertable 4" and a powerful 4" size (1.25" breadth) at greatest.

Lelo Soraya [Waterproof] G-Spot Vibrator

Soraya by LELO is the worlds most elite double activity vibrator.

Experience the extraordinary joy of synchronous G-spot and clitoral incitement.

Upscale and rich, this Lelo Soraya G-Spot Vibrator is impeccably created for ladylike delight.

Streaming body-formed plan contains two intense yet whispers calm engines.

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Gives extraordinary joys to the clitoris and g-spot ensuring the most fulfilling peak over and over.

The adaptable clitoral stimulator can be balanced with each body compose an edge.

Appreciate 8 stunning vibration designs with customizable velocities.

Speed and power are effectively controllable by means of an instinctive push catch interface.

Completely lockable capacities guarantee tactful transportation constantly.

Rechargeable outline with 4 hours of ceaseless runtime.

Totally waterproof for no particular reason all through the water.

Ultra-smooth, body-safe phthalate free Silicone and ABS plastic.

Measures 8.75" with a delightful 4.5" size (1.5&…

Purple [Jelly] G-Spot Pleaser Vibrator

Clit Hugger G Spot Pleaser from Nasstoys has an effective inward vibrating miniaturized scale slug deliberately put inside jam swan to convey clitoral and G-spot joy all the while.

The cautious private stimulator looks nonsexual in appearance, however, is exceptionally successful for exotic female excitement and fulfillment.

Delicate and adaptable Clit Hugger hint massager offers variable speed, calm vibration and utilization 2 AAA batteries (sold independently).

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Jelly [Mouth] Vibrating Tongue

Feel the delicate ripple of this tongue as its lips stroke your lips. 
Delicate and smooth tongue and lips give astounding life-like sensations to moment oral fulfillment. 
Glinting tongue touches your sweet spot with each enticing vibration. 
Adaptable, cleanly better TPR jam over a turbo-fueled multi-speed vibration shot. 
Tweak the buzz with your decision of multi-speed vibrations.

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Idealize joy to prod and energize or send yourself over the edge. Convenient multi-speed control pack with simple modify dial control. 
The effective silver shot can be utilized independently with the sleeve as well.

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Shots Touche Exclusive Opis [Real Silver] Twist Vibrator

Prepare to skewer yourself senseless with lavish Touche Exclusive Opis Silicone Twist Vibe in Real Silver, the exciting, filling vibrator by Shots that highlights a lot of edges and bends for you to whirl down!
Touche Exclusive Opis Twist Vibe offers around, thick tip to part you vaginally and a thick shaft with 3 fulfilling lumps and ribs, ideal for circumference admirers of all stripes.

Selective Opis' thrilling edges mean to draw out the deviousness in you, while 10 extreme elements of vibration speed, heightening, and designs bend your affection life to a radical new measurement.

Ten fulfilling elements of vibration (in addition to an additional peak work) are fueled by a recently created, ultra-sonic engine, which you control with the vibrator's straightforward interface.

Touche Exclusive Opis is ideal for solo love and foreplay with an accomplice and is splashproof for simple cleaning and inventive play outside of the room.

Essentially grease up well with a most loved w…

Lelo Yva [Luxury] Personal Vibrator, 24K Gold

Yva is an exquisite and extravagant vibrating delight protest, created in stainless steel or 24K gold plate, with a profound and thunderous vibe.

The metal, alluring and reminiscent of the stripped skin, offers energizing prospects for clients slanted to the arousing use of hot or icy.

Convey her as a careful visitor to the most restrictive social affairs; she is little, exceedingly calm and never in threat of overstaying her welcome.

Yva is rechargeable and a 2-hour energize gives to 7 hours of euphoria.

Displayed in an exquisite wooden blessing box, embellished with charger, manual, glossy silk pocket for a la mode stockpiling and a 1-year LELO guarantee.

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Rimmers [Waterproof] Smoke Butt Plug

Made for tenderfoots, Bottoms Up Finger Rimmer Butt Plug joins to the finger with the goal of allowing your dominance over the amount you truly need to take in.

Smooth and supple attachment made of ultra-delicate jam is smooth and adjusted for your best comfort.

The stretchy finger ring holds the fitting secure while you find the joy you are looking for.

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It's a perfect choice for newbies that don't quite have a lot of experience playing like this yet. The plug is small enough in size in order for you to take it with you anyplace.

Measures 2" long and has a wonderful circumference of 2.5" (0.75" distance across).

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Penis Extenders [Increase Your Extention]

XR Brands Size Matters Penis Extender

This simple to utilize kind sized penis extender will give you a huge and moment support in circumference and length.

The studded inside grasps your cockerel, and the expansive size shaft is smooth, with a practical chicken head.

The last 2 inches are strong elastic for genuine additions, with a shut finished tip for simple tidy up.

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Without phthalate and firm, it is waterproof and adaptable, with a safe lash so it is certain to remain set up regardless of how hard you play.

Estimations: 8 inches in total length, 5.5 insertable, 2.5 inches in diameter

Clear Adonis Penis Extension

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Has she been asking for something new in your sexual conjunction?

Or then again do you require some extra size to manufacture the power?

Without a doubt, California Exotics is here to help. Displaying the Adonis extension.

Enhance your assets with length (adds 2-inch to length) and bigness that will make them cum again and again.

The Adonis made of…