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Rouge H Style Leather Flogger

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Leather flogger with shorter handle and leather hand loop. Measures 21.25 in. by 1.6 in.
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Allure Lingerie X-Play Red Heart Paddle

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Explore your dominant or submissive side with the sweet and simple True Love Paddle from Allure Lingerie.

Let your lover know who is boss with this heart-shaped paddle. The surface is nice and smooth on both sides, allowing for perfectly for even sensation distribution.

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Fetish Fantasy Series Purple Pleasure Set

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Keep your lover quiet and under control with this playful Purple Pleasure Set.

Perfect for beginners and enthusiasts alike, this sexy set of cuffs and ball gag puts a seductive twist on bondage play by combing two classic favorites.

Soft neoprene cuffs adjust to fit most sizes and connect using a heavy-duty metal O-ring and clips.

Breathable ball gag uses a leather strap to adjust and fit snugly, controlling when and how often your lover speaks.

Secure your lover, take control, and explore your Fetish Fantasies. Included: adjustable wrist cuffs, adjustable ankle cuffs, breathable ball gag, FREE satin love mask, and FREE intimate lube samples.

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Fetish Fantasy Series Japanese Silk Rope Bondage Kit

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You'll have everything you need to put your sub in their place with this Sexy Japanese Silk Rope Gag and Whip.

The ultra-soft vinyl mask has silk rope piping and is sure to block out all light while remaining soft on the inside against your eyes.

Perfect for beginners, the gag is soft enough to be easy on the teeth and jaw, yet sturdy enough to keep them quiet!.

Easily adjustable straps include a snap for simple placement and removal. Sensually braided flogger features loose ends that are perfect for swift stings or teasing and tickling.

Enhance the thrill of bondage play by coupling this kit with other Fetish Fantasy Series teasers or restraints - what happens next is up to you!

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Fetish Fantasy Series Japanese Silk Rope

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With this super-soft Japanese Silk Rope, you don't have to be an expert to enjoy the pleasure of Japanese-style bondage play.

Great for beginners who simply want to tie their partner's hands and feet. Durable and long enough for more advanced techniques such as Shibari style rope bondage.

Perfect for creating elaborate body harnesses and rope restraints for all sorts of erotic bdsm delights.

Ultra soft rope lets you tie your partner up in a variety of positions with ease. Explore your darkest Dom/Sub fantasies and experience the thrill of bondage.

Rope measures 1/4" thick and 35 feet long. FREE Love Mask in Mystic Black is included to enhance the fun and pleasure - what happens next is up to you!

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OptiSex Soft & Sexy Heavy Duty Cuffs with Silver Chain

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OptiSex Soft & Sexy Heavy Duty Cuffs are just the things when you want to securely restrain your partner in style.

Fun and flirty leatherette cuffs are made of leather-like material lined with matching faux-fur.

Fully adjustable with secure metal buckles that ensure strictly, but comfortable hand restraints.

Stands up to any level of roughness and prevents your subject from escaping. The stylish chain is removable to leave D-rings open to attach on any other bondage clip-on accessory, such as hooks or ropes.

Perfect for beginners, yet secure enough for hardcore bondage enthusiasts alike. Great for role playing and acting out your most erotic Dom/Sub fantasies.

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